Online Course Facilities

We are an interactive transaction-enabled web portal, which serves as the primary means of interaction between educators and their students.

Modern Book Library

Learnbase also offers online learning and training tools - access to programme, lecture, forum and quiz features - all from the convenience of your smart device.

Be Industrial Leader

Our tools are open to educators, professionals and businesses that are looking to teach and train their audience.

Available Plans

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  • Subdomain (
  • 1 Program Upload
  • 2 Courses Upload
  • 5 Lessons
  • 5 Registered Users



  • Custom Domain (
  • 5 Program Upload
  • 50 Courses Upload
  • Unlimited Lessons from third party url
  • 250 Users
  • Unlimited Assessments (Quizzes, Exercises, etc)
  • 500GB or 500 Hours of Uploaded Video Content
  • 500GB/mo Bandwith (like 50 people taking 5 courses; N100 per additional GB)
  • Accept Debit/Credit Cards
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  • Dedicated Account Support Officer